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Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi

Inexpensive monitor with built-in temperature sensor, 3 sensor capacity, Wi-Fi, advanced monitoring, easy set up & more. Perfect for small enclosures, Wi-Fi locations with focused monitoring or high volume deployments. Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is a Best Seller.

Order online for shipment the same or next business day. If located outside of the U.S. or Canada, request a quote from to save approximately 50% on shipping. Questions? Call 401.628.1600 or Chat Online to work with a product specialist 9-5 EST, M-F.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy three (3) Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi and get a fourth for FREE! Offer valid through December 31, 2016. Click here for details.

Released last year, Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi has been an immediate best seller and AVTECH's most economical wireless solution for "IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring, Alerting & More". It is designed specifically to assist with monitoring room temperature and other environmental conditions where a small footprint is needed, where access to a standard Ethernet connection may not exist, when the investment cost needs to be minimal or deployment volume may be high. It is the least cost host for a situations requiring just 1-3 sensors. Add a digital sensor and switch sensor of your choice (below) to expand monitoring with an easy "click connect". Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi will work anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available, simply use the included power adapter, connect to the Wi-Fi network and you are good to go.

Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi allows alert notifications via email, email-to-SMS and more to devices such as computers, mobile phones and mobile devices. Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi offers an easy to use web browser interface for configuration and viewing real-time temperature and sensor status from anywhere. Mount the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi almost anywhere physical monitoring is desired due to it's small size and easy mounting hole.

  • The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi package allows real-time temperature and environment monitoring, logging, one click data export, advanced alerting, Fahrenheit/Celsius, high/low watermarks, temperature values in alerts, more.
  • Easy Wi-Fi network setup for remote temperature and environment monitoring from anywhere.
  • Includes a built-in Digital Temperature Sensor (1 internal).
  • Includes 1 Digital Sensor Port for use with an AVTECH sensor for Digital Temperature, Digital Outdoor Temperature, Digital Fluid Temperature, Digital Temperature/Humidity or Digital Temperature & Analog.
  • Includes 1 Switch Sensor Channel for connection of an external switch sensor such as Power, Flood, Smoke, Air Flow, Room Entry, Motion, Panic Button, dry contact or other.
  • Includes a unique feature allowing connection of a Digital Temperature & Analog Sensor allowing use of an analog sensor.
  • Advanced alerting by email, email-to-SMS, web page update & much more.
  • Use the bundled Device ManageR software or GoToMyDevices cloud service to monitor.
  • Use Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi with or without a host system. That's right... No PC Required! This saves money, improves reliability, provides options.

The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi package includes a license for AVTECH's powerful Device ManageR application software, an advanced solution for the discovery, management, logging, graphing, advanced alerting and more of AVTECH's IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring hardware. It runs as a Windows Service and automatically discovers AVTECH's hardware units or Axis IP cameras across the network, allowing users to immediately be informed when environmental thresholds are passed. Device ManageR's web browser interface allows users to view and manage any or all units on their network, graph and log sensor data in real-time or over a specified date range, send out alerts if an issue or event arises, and much more. A variety of powerful plugins are optionally available for Windows/Linux shutdown, reboot and/or log off; dial out via GSM, text or voice modems; advanced reporting, and more. These plugins are optionally available for customers who upgrade their GoToMyDevices service to the Enterprise level.

Each Room Alert monitor also includes a one (1) year free subscription to (GoToMyDevices) at the Personal level. GoToMyDevices is AVTECH’s new, state-of-the-art cloud monitoring service designed for new and existing Room Alert users. It provides the ability to easily monitor temperature and environmental conditions from anywhere, at anytime, via the web. Regardless of your web interface of choice, the look, function, and entire user experience is always the same. Use GoToMyDevices to view all connected sensor and monitor devices without the need to install software, configure an email server, or worry about network concerns. Users can monitor, alert, log, graph, view, report, manage and protect their facilities with both ease and confidence. Returning customers who purchase additional Room Alert monitors will be provided with a one (1) month extension to their GoToMyDevices subscription for the first order placed during each calendar month. The extension will be for the current subscription level.

Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi can easily monitor environments such as phone or wiring closets, critical rack cabinets and larger computer rooms or data centers. Since Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is connected via wireless to the network, it does not require a host PC for operation. This monitor is Wi-Fi enabled allowing it to be placed anywhere Wi-Fi access is available. Sensors can be run inside a rack cabinet, air vent, sub floor or other location. Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi will help to protect valuable IT equipment and minimize downtime if a disaster should occur.

Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi can also be easily used in non-technology environments like residential and commercial buildings, restaurants, warehouses, cold storage, green houses and more.

Protect Your Facility... Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

This Package Includes:

- (1) Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi ID Box
- (1) Built-in Digital Temperature Sensor
- (1) External Digital Sensor Port (back, open)
- (1) Switch Sensor Channel (back, open)
- Built-in Wi-Fi Capabilities
- Factory Reset Button
- LED Sensor Status Alert Indicators
- Wi-Fi & WLAN Activity Indicators (LED)

- (1) International 5V Power Adapter (110-240V, UL, RoHS, USA default)
- Built-in Web Server (web browser interface for configuration)
- Device ManageR Application Software (included at no charge)
- Room Alert User's Guide & Reference Manual (via download PDF)
- '1 Year Personal GoToMyDevices Service' (included free with first Room Alert monitor purchase)
- Technical Support through GoToMyDevices service
- '1 Year Warranty & Replacement Guarantee' on Room Alert monitor
- '90-Day Warranty & Replacement Guarantee' on AVTECH sensors
- '30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee' with no questions asked return policy
- AVTECH’s many years of experience since 1988

* Additional sensors and alternative international power adapters are optionally available (see below).

Wireless Specifications:
- IEEE 802.11 b/g and IEEE 802.11n (single stream) WLAN interface (2.4 GHz only)
- IEEE 802.11 d/h/i/j/k/w/r
- IEEE 802.11i Support - WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, WEP (client only)

Compatible Sensors For This Model: Digital Temperature (25', 50' & 100'), Digital Outdoor Temperature (25', 50' & 100'), Digital Fluid Temperature (25', 50' & 100'), Digital Temperature & Humidity (25', 50' & 100'), Digital Temperature & Analog, Power, Smoke, Flood (w/Cable 8' & 24'), Flood (Spot), Air Flow (1 & 2), Room Entry, Panic Button, and more.

Click To View PDF Documents & Links:

  Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Brochure (PDF)
  Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi User's Guide & Reference Manual (PDF)
  Introduction, Overview & Justification (PDF)
  Product Catalog (PDF)

How To Obtain A Quote:

How To Place Your Order:
  • Click “Add To Cart” or Buy Now and follow the instructions.
  • Call a Product Specialist at 888.220.6700 or 401.628.1600.
  • Request & print a Quote from AVTECH, then:
    - Pay online via the Online Quote Payment link
    - Call AVTECH at 888.220.6700 or 401.628.1600 to order by phone
    - Complete the Quote Form and fax it back to AVTECH at 401.628.1601
    - Complete the Quote Form, scan it, then email it back to
  • Fax your organization’s Purchase Order (PO) to 401.628.1601.
  • Order through your favorite Reseller.

Recommended Upgrades:
For more information, please click here.
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